Facility Rentals

The Wellness Center is a 33,000 sq ft building on two levels consisting of rooms of varying sizes and capacities.

Reservation Process

Renters may submit rental requests for one or two rooms in person on the first day of the month listed for each rental period. Large events, consisting of three or more rental spaces, may reserve up to one year in advance with the LBC Director approval. Renters reserving space for ongoing practices or meetings can reserve a maximum of one and a half hours per week in the first round. Once all initial requests have been processed, you can request additional time for the second round of reservation on the first day of the month beginning at 12:00am. Requests can be submitted by filling out the form below or in person at the LBC Welcome Desk.

1st Round Reservations begin
September 1
January 1
May 1
2nd Round Reservations begin
October 1
February 1
June 1
Rental Period
Jan 1 – Apr 30
May 1 – Aug 31
Sept 1 – Dec 31

Once your request is submitted, you will be contacted by the LBC staff regarding your request. Rental fees will be assigned at the time of confirmation. Facility rentals are not secured until we have received the signed rental agreement and the payment due.

Rental Policies

The LBC is a building designed to provide facilities for meetings, civic engagements, passive and active recreation, and social events. The following policies and regulations have been established for fair usage and maximum enjoyment.

Rental Request Form

Thank you for your interest in reserving the LBC. Please submit a Rental Request Form to begin the process. Once received, you will be contacted by a member of the LBC staff.

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  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
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  • Available rooms are listed below. Please choose the room(s) you would like to reserve. Check all that apply.